Hi, I am

Liel Ben-Or

full-stack developer

Nice to meet you!

What I do


I use Flask and Django frameworks to create REST API for my web apps


I use HTML, CSS, Javascript and React to implement the Frontend

Cloud practitioner

Serverless apps, AWS services, CI/CD pipelines

My Projects

Who I am

Student and self-taught developer

I study computer science at the open university of Israel since 2020 and I combine my formal education with independant self learning, by using online resources such as Udemy, helsinki and haravrd's MOOC to learn how to program.

I make online tools such as browser extensions, build web apps such as an e-commerce, and Java games like snake or chess.

And most importantly, I ❤️ what I do!

My Projects

A selection of my projects

Popsi Colada Angular File Generator Network Commerce Wiki Weekly Planner Fractals

Planned project:

Sudoku solver

And more coming soon...

My resume

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